Snorkeling in Umdloti

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Snorkeling in Umdloti

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Another fun activity to do in Umdloti is Snorkeling along the reef walls in Umdloti's massive tidal pool where the water is calm and clear allowing you to spot all the small and colourful reef fish without having to deal with strong ocean currents.

Check the tide time tables out and try head down to Umdloti Beach's Tidal Pool during low tide with your snorkel and goggles when the tidal pool is at it's calmest and visibility is at it's best. Beautiful tiny resident juvenile fish with bright colours and small to medium size reef fish are constantly visiting Umdloti's tidal pool to take shelter from bigger predators, to feed and to rest from the outer reefs stronger oceans currents and surges. Snorkelers in Umdloti's Tidal Pool can either float in the middle where there aren't many rocks but mainly sandbed or swim along the reefs walls to spot the smaller fish that tend to always stay closeby the reefs walls.

The tidal pool is generally sheltered all the time even during high tide which is why safe bathing and Snorkeling in Umdloti is so popular!

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